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Automotive Key Repair - What to Do When Your Car Key Won't Turn in the Ignition

We've all been there the car keys won't engage in the ignition. It happens at the most inconvenient times, like when you're loading your trunk with groceries or when you're returning home from work.

There are many solutions that will help you get back on your way. Here are a few of the most common automotive key repair problems and their possible solutions:

Broken or bent keys

The most frequent reason the owner of a car is unable to begin their vehicle is a bent key. Straightening the key is a simple fix. This may seem simple however, you need to be careful. The key is very thin, and bending it even a little can cause it to break.

To accomplish this, you'll need a stable workspace, and a pair of pliers. Take the key at one end with the pliers and bend it until it is straight. This is best done on a flat surface, or in a vise. Then, you can put it in the lock to see whether it will turn.

If not, you could require a new one made. There is no have to contact a locksmith and your key will work.

It's a good idea to keep a spare key in your pocket, so you don't end up without access to your vehicle in the event of a lost key.

If you're having difficulty inserting a broken or bent lock key, try applying some grease to it. This will help it to move easier through the cylinder, and also prevent it from becoming stuck. Spray graphite or lubricant. If using a spray, ensure that you attach the plastic tubing that came with it to ensure a more precise application. This will also help prevent moisture from ruining your key.

Stuck pins or springs

Sometimes, a pin (also called a roll pin) or spring could get stuck. A pin is a small piece of metal that is between 5.1 and 7.6 cm (2.5-3.0 in) long, with hollow ends. It is used to connect two components of a machine. In most cases you can take a nut off by pulling it out using your fingers or using a wrench.

If you own an older vehicle that has a microchip key, it is possible that the key needs to be programmed in order to work with your car. This process can be simple or automotive key repair complicated depending on the manufacturer and car.

If you need help with your keys for your vehicle or locks, give us call! We can repair, replace or program virtually any car key.

Gear Selector

If your car's gear selection gets stuck in park mode, it's crucial to take it to a mechanic right away. This is a security issue and could result in serious vehicle damage if continue driving. This problem could also indicate bigger problems with the transmission system itself, which could be expensive to fix.

Fortunately, the majority of the time this problem is easily fixable. The cable end that is connected to the lever can snap or break off. This is a simple fix and the mechanic can usually fix it within a few minutes.

In certain instances the gear selector bushing may become damaged or worn out. The rubber covers are put around the points of articulation of the gear system in order to ensure that it is fluid. These rubber covers function similarly to the cartilage in your joints, and therefore require to be healthy and flexible.

You can prolong their lifespan by doing a few simple things. First, you should stay clear of using the gear selector during extremely cold weather. The cables for controlling the gear can freeze and break. You should also replace the bushings with premium quality ones, like those from First Line.

These bushings are an essential part of your gear selector and should not be overlooked. If you notice that yours is wearing out, it's a good idea to visit an auto shop that is specialized in Land Rover repairs. They will help you find the perfect parts to repair the gear selector mechanism. They also offer various other services like maintenance and repair of your transmission.

Dead battery

If you switch the ignition key and you hear nothing but a click, then your battery is dead. As batteries age, they go through a natural process which causes them to die prematurely. This is due to the negative plates of the battery in your car remote key repair shop near me begin to become coated with sulfate crystals.

A dead battery may also cause your car to lose power, which can result in the radio or electric window malfunctioning. If you've had trouble starting your car in cold weather, this could be a sign you require a new battery.

Sometimes, your issue might not be a dead battery, but rather an issue with the charging system of your vehicle. Having your mechanic check to verify that the serpentine belt, alternator and battery cables are functioning properly can solve this issue.

Another common automotive key repair is the key fob that has stopped working properly. The key fob is a small unit that connects to the computer in your vehicle and relays signals and commands between the engine and accessory systems. This system can get confused or cease communicating with your car when it is exposed to extreme temperatures or is wet.

It is usually possible to reset a lost key fob by following the instructions provided in your owner's manual. Depending on the model of your car it may be necessary to open and close the doors, switch lights and other electronic devices off and on and press a particular sequence of buttons, or even shut and open the windows. If this doesn't fix your fob it may require professional programming, that will require the assistance of technicians. But it's still worth attempting these steps before you decide to shell out for a new device.

Ignition socket

Modern car keys have a transponder chip built into them that transmits signals to a receiver in the ignition when they are inserted. The signal informs the immobilizer in the car if the key is the correct one to be used for starting. In the 1990s, car theft became an issue. The majority of manufacturers have installed this transponder system to ensure security and insurance reasons.

If you have a newer vehicle, the only option where to repair car key remote replace your key may be through a dealership or by calling the manufacturer directly. Before you visit, write down the VIN number of your vehicle (vehicle identification number). You can find this number on the dashboard, the door jamb, or in an owner's manual.

Citroen.pngBring your existing working key to an AutoZone participating store. An associate will employ a machine which will trace the contours of the blank key in order to accurately duplicate the original key. They will then cut the new key with an exact cutting machine in-store. If your key has a blade, a fob or a thick grey/black head it will need to be programmed for your vehicle before you can start the motor.


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