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Avon planet spa gift set (please click the up coming post)

You can gift them a luxurious body moisturizer and mask duo enriched with Mediterranean olive oil. *

This light moisturizing cream has a pleasant chocolate scent that absorbs well but leaves a brownish tinge on the skin.

Is it safe for me to buy avon planet gift set from desertcart?

Bath & Body Set

This set is ideal for anyone who loves to bathe or soak in the tub. It includes shower gel, lotion and a fragrance mist with the classic rose scent from the brand. They'll also get an body mask and hand cream each packed with a richly moisturizing African shea butter.

This calming bath set is ideal for a relaxing night. The calming scents of French lavender and chamomile help them wind down for a restful night. The pillow mist can be sprayed onto bedding to create a spa planet-like atmosphere.

This shower set contains all the essentials and more to ensure he feels good every day. It includes a body wash, shower gel, and hand soap formulated to help avoid dry skin. Plus, it's packed with vitamin C to maintain healthy skin.

This eco-friendly set includes enough powder refills to gift your recipient up to a whole year's worth face and body wash in their preferred scent. The set also includes shampoo bar and conditioner bar that is stored in a convenient travel case. You can even take it when they travel!

Home Scents Set

Indulge them with a set of votives as well as diffusers for planet Spa gift Set reeds in their favourite scent. This Today Home Fragrance Gift Set contains two votives and one reed diffusor with the gorgeous floral scent of hibiscus, silk-musk and butterfly blossom.

If they're a skincare-thusiast they can receive Avon's newest and most sought-after products as a set of gifts. The Anew Mini Kits come with a serum and day and night cream. The Alpha set is our most popular men's launch. It includes an eau de perfume spray, hair & body washes and conditioner after shaving.

Pampering Chocolate Gifts are a excellent way to present them with the perfect, nutritious and delicious treat. The Cocoa Face Mask and Body Whip are filled with shea butter and cocoa.

Jewelry and Accessories Set

If you're a fan of pampering yourself but don't have the money to indulge in a spa day regularly, there are many avon planet spa oil products that you can apply at home that will make you feel like you're at the spa! Try the nourishing bath oil with jasmine oil and the fragranced creamy shower gel Romantic l'amour to help you relax after a tiring day.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones or for yourself, Avon has everything you need to look and feel great! Online shopping is easy and you can get your items delivered directly to your doorstep. Avon's social media channels are a great way to learn more about their products and Avon. Don't forget to take advantage of desertcart's free shipping to 164 countries!

Beauty Set

Make sure your beauty routine is in the flow with this Avon Planet Spa bath set. Revitalize your skin with a bath elixir infused with lingonberry and extracts from fir. You'll also feel the soothing effect of a body mask that is rich in natural ingredients such as blueberry and pine seeds.

Blissfully Nutrishing Set

Give a gift to your loved ones that will keep their hands and feet soft and smooth. This set comes with an exquisite hand wash as well as moisturising hand lotion, each enriched with rich African shea butter and sweet vanilla.

This gentle cleanser is formulated with bergamot and Chinese green tea extracts to give your skin an extra boost. It has mild surfactants to cleanse without drying your skin.Avon-Rewards-1-620x380.jpeg


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